Our architectural language is rational and mathematically definable. The use of form in our architecture is consciously restricted to elementary, clearly discernible forms. Squares and rectangles predominate. Spatial beauty is created using proportion and light. A suitable structure and a fitting module also contribute to the oncepts drawn up. Concepts are created on the basis of urban planning requirements on the one hand and fundamental human needs on the other. We abstain from the use of symbols and rhetoric, as architecture should reflect natural reality in as pure a way as possible. We see this openness as reflecting both the interest and the commitment of our clients. Our architectural ideas are put into practice using appropriate materials. Surfaces and solid figures are best expressed using monolithic construction styles. We prefer unadulterated plastered surfaces (residential buildings) and sophisticated architectural concrete surfaces (public buildings) to arbitrarily assembled curtain walls. We place a great deal of importance on the integration of technical fit-out into our architecture. The use of a well-insulated double-layer construction format enables the realization of low-energy buildings. Solid concrete components on building interiors offer an ample volume of accumulator material,
which can be used for concrete core activation amongst other applications.