Sportcenter Belval, Belvaux (L), 2nd prize

Sportcenter Belval, Belvaux (L), 2nd prize

Swimming centre, sports centre and training centre with reception space for large events

The sports centre designed by us for the important point of urban transition between the Square Mile quarter and Park Belval not only respects the existing urban fabric, but also supplements it in the direction of the park. A shared foyer “connects” the complex’s four buildings, each of which accommodates a variety of functions. This facilitates the realization of the overall sports complex within the framework of numerous independent construction phases. The sports hall and indoor swimming pool represent the twin hearts of the complex. Each features dimensions of 72 x 72 m and an identical structure and load-bearing concept. The structure takes the form of architectural concrete walls on which a load-bearing bonded timber roof frame rests. The hall and pool are positioned diagonally opposite one another and define two “corners” of the building complex. The two narrower buildings housing the training centre and some sporting functions define the other two “corners” and are each separated from the sports hall and swimming pool by a courtyard. The sports complex is complemented by various outdoor sports pitches.

Le ministère des sports, Luxembourg

Belvaux, Belval Ouest (L)

Type of competition
International competition, 2nd prize

Markus Musch, Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert, Petra Schmitt

Planning participants
Landscape architect: Ernst und Partner, Trier (D)
Building structure: Inca ingénieurs-conseils associés (L), Knippers Helbig, Stuttgart (D
Technical building Equipment: Betic ingénieurs-conseils (L), BLS Energieplan GmbH, Berlin (D) / Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2012
Usable space: 39.500 m2
Enclosed space: 270.000 m3
Construction costs: 64.000.000 €