New Luxembourg National Archives, Esch-Belval (L), 1. prize

New Luxembourg National Archives, Esch-Belval (L), 1. prize

A large cabinet with numerous compartments and drawers was our initial idea when creating this design for the National Archives. Building on this idea, we went on to conceive the cabinet as a self-contained concrete block which only features one entrance in order to ensure archive security. The block protrudes protectively over the second building, which houses all other functions and is accessible to the public. The functions of this second building are spread across three “boxes”. A hall with generously-dimensioned glazing groups these “boxes” together and connects them to the concrete archive construction.

Le Fonds Belval, Luxembourg

Esch-sur-Alzette / Belval-West (L)

Type of competition
International competition, 1. prize

Manuel Rocas, Christoph Schulze-Kölln,
Karin Schaffors, Christina Dixius, Christoph Böttinger,
Volker Hansen, Markus Musch

Planning participants
Building structure: E&H Consult, Mamer (L)
Technical building equipment: BLS Energieplan GmbH, Berlin (D) / Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2003
Usable space: 36.267 m2
Enclosed space: 183.577 m3
Construction costs: 48.200.000 €