TUFA, Trier (D)

TUFA, Trier (D)

The TUFA, as one of the main institutions for cultural events in Trier, has been suffering for years from lack of space and a too small event hall. Following the demolition of buildings on the corner Wechselstraße / Gervasiusstraße a new option was created for the TUFA, the expansion of the premises on the neighboring property.
The TUFA e.V. has asked us to develop a concept for the construction of an event hall for about 500 people and to reorganize the existing building. This concept also includes the restructuring of the acces situation, the locker rooms, the existing event hall, the Textorium pub and the upper floor spaces.


Tuchfabrik Trier e.V.

Trier (D)

Jean-Yves Kempf

Planning participants
Landscape architect: Ernst und Partner, Trier (D)

Project data
Designed: 2014
Usable space: 780 m2
Enclosed space: 8.200 m3
Construction costs: 3.300.000 € without stage’s equipments