TUFA Trier (D), 1st prize

TUFA Trier (D), 1st prize

The competition for the new construction of the event hall on the TUFA site fulfills several tasks: In a first phase, the hall serves as an alternative venue for the city theater during its renovation and must function independently of TUFA operations. In a second phase, the TUFA will only use this hall while the existing building is being remodeled and renovated. After the completion of the renovation, the hall will be included in the usage concept of the TUFA.

The new hall will be positioned as a closed, compact volume exactly on the property: at a respectful distance from the existing TUFA building, forming a small forecourt on Gervasiusstrasse and relatively close to the Wechselstrasse in accordance with the original development. The volume of the hall is connected to the existing building by a single-storey connecting structure. This connecting structure is continued through the inclusion of the existing courtyard of the TUFA and its valorization. The newly designed courtyard is used for deliveries and as an entrance for artists. The interim entrance is accessed from Gervasiusstraße.

City of Trier

Trier (D)

Type of competition
International competition, 1st prize

Petra Schmitt

Project partner
BPA Architecture, Montpellier (F)

Planning participants
Building structure: INCA ingénieurs-conseils, Luxemburg (L)
Technical building equipment: BLS Energieplan GmbH, Berlin (D), Luxemburg (L)
Stage equipment: BlueNode, Berlin (D)
Building physics: AMT Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Isernhagen (D)

Project data
New construction:
Unable space: 940 m2
Enclosed space: 9.000 m3
Conversion of the existing building:
Unable space: 2.560 m2
Enclosed space: 14.100 m3

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