House FS, Dudelange (L)

House FS, Dudelange (L)

A solid architectural concrete shell protects the building on three of its sides. The U-shaped shell is opaque across the vast majority of its surface, with light apertures kept to a bare minimum and used in a highly targeted way. The fourth side – the building’s south façade – is fully glazed and opens onto the adjacent landscape. A shear wall splits the ground plan of each level into two zones, with ancillary rooms and circulation spaces located in the northern section of the building and provided with natural light via a glazed courtyard. All living spaces and bedrooms are south-facing. The garage protrudes out of the concrete shell and is clearly differentiated from the residential section of the building by its sheet metal façade.

Family FS

Dudelange (L)

Petra Schmitt, Jean-Yves Kempf

Planning participants
Building structure: BEST Ingénieurs-conseils associés sàrl, Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2011–2012
Realised: 2012–2014
Usable space: 390 m2
Enclosed space: 1840 m3