Supermarket “ZIKA”, Mertert (L)

Supermarket “ZIKA”, Mertert (L)

The existing building complex of the ZIKA market at the entrance to Mertert will be supplemented in several phases by a new building, and the various functions will be combined.

The two-storey building, which is oriented towards the national road, contains the service station and the entrance area to the supermarket on the ground floor. The administration is located upstairs. The shop area of ​​the supermarket is located in the single-storey, rear-facing part of the building.

The conception of the building complex is based on a module of 3m, which provides a high flexibility of the spaces and their use. This module clearly divides the façade into pillars and wall elements, into open or closed surfaces, as window or arcade.


Zika Tank sàrl

Mertert (L)

Petra Schmitt, Andreas Kleinert

Planning participants
Building structure: TR Engineering, Luxembourg (L)
Technical building Equipment: Luxautec sa, Luxembourg (L)                  

Project data
Designed: 2016
Gross floor area: 1.300 m2
Enclosed space: 7.700 m3


Rendering: VIZE (CZ)