House S I, Peppange (L)

House S I, Peppange (L)

Construction in rural areas is associated with simple buildings, clear forms and orderliness. Outstanding in terms of its size and location, this hillside property makes it possible to live in open countryside and still feel a connection to the village itself. Integrated into the hillside, the house enjoys nature and open fields above it and views of the village with monastery and church below it. At first glance the house appears highly introverted, with the solid, almost continuous exterior wall forming a U-shaped enclosure around the three building sections. Living space provides a link between guest and resident space. The three building sections are arranged around the south-facing terrace.

Peppange (L)

Petra Schmitt, Markus Musch

Planning participants
Building structure: Gehl & Jacoby Ass. Ingénieurs-conseils, Luxembourg (L)
Technical building equipment: Betic S.A. Ingénieurs-conseils, Garnich (L)
Consulting architectural concrete: Atelier J.-P. Aury, Colonard (F)

Project data
Designed: 2000–2001
Realisation: 2002–2004
Usable space: 480 m2
Enclosed space: 2.400 m3

Building Owner Award Luxembourg 2004

Photographer: Lukas Roth, Cologne (D)