Construction of depot for waste management association in Trier area (A.R.T.)

Construction of depot for waste management association in Trier area (A.R.T.)

The three building volumes (administration building, workshop building and warehouse) have a concrete facade with cut-out bands for the gates and windows. Thus, the high quality and the restrained design of the facade integrate the structure very well into the heterogeneous urban environment. These three buildings serve as background of the depot and can also be reached from behind.

Towards the street, the trucks are protected by a canopy and stored side by side along the total length structure. The new presence of the A.R.T. doesn’t only appear on a new building, but also on the highly visible waste collection vehicles. The image of the depot changes several times a day. Indeed, the buildings are more visible in the morning as the trucks are gone. Through the day, the trucks come back and the structure disappears behind them. In the evening, the vehicles are well "organized" and driven by a subtle lighting. With this light, the depot is also becoming more visible.

The Intermunicipal Waste Management Service of Trier area, A.R.T. (D)     

Trier (D)

Type of competition
International competition

Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert

Project data
Designed: 2017
Usable space: 3.950 m2
Enclosed space: 27.500 m3
Construction costs: 10.900.000 €