National Archives of Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Esch-Belval (L)

National Archives of Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Esch-Belval (L)

A new concept of the National Archives became necessary because the space program was significantly reduced compared to the 2003 competition project. To meet these new requirements, the client wanted to develop the building as a positive energy building and if possible, use wood as a building material.

The concept consists of two fundamentally different parts which stand on a common base. This base is defined by two monolithic blocks separated by two long cuts. These openings are used on the side of the Blast Furnaces as an entrance area for the public and on the opposite, oriented to the railway line, as the delivery of the documents.

The administrative part with offices, reading room and workspaces for document preparation is designed as a wooden construction with a façade of cast aluminum panels. This wooden construction is visible in the interior spaces. This can be modular and are all aligned with the Blast Furnaces.

The Archives are in the second part of the building, completely closed and built of concrete. All the facades and the roof are clad with dark photovoltaic panels that provide the necessary energy for the positive energy building.


Le Fonds Belval, Luxembourg

Esch-sur-Alzette / Belval-Ouest (L)

Andreas Kleinert, Jean-Yves Kempf, Magali Nève

Planning participants
Building structure: Milestone Consulting Engineers, Luxembourg (L)
Technical building Equipment: BLS Energieplan, Luxembourg (L)
Acoustics: Acustica Lux, Rumelange (L)
Certification:   E3-consult, Mertert (L)
Fire safety concept: Sorane, Ecublens (CH)
BIM Manager: Drees & Sommer, Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2018
Realisation: 2021 - 2024
Usable space: 16.400 m2
Enclosed space: 102.600 m3

paperjam of 12.03.2020


Rendering: VIZE (CZ)