House L, Schuttrange (L)

House L, Schuttrange (L)

House L is situated within the flood plain of the river Syre. The rigid volume of the architectural concrete building extends above a retaining wall that acts as a “barrier” between the raised section of the landscaped garden and the natural flood plain. Generously proportioned incisions into the façade offer views onto the surrounding countryside. In addition to protecting the building on its street side, the pergola also frames the entrance area and separates the courtyard from the street.House L consists of two living levels intended for use by the family and parents respectively. Each level is organized according to the same basic concept, with an architectural concrete wall stretching the entire length of the building used to separate living space from ancillary “service” rooms (the kitchen, storerooms, bathrooms, etc.). Ancillary rooms are treated as introverted niches and designed in a way that clearly differentiates them from the generously proportioned living spaces that open onto the surrounding countryside.

Family L

Schuttrange (L)

Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert

Planning participants
Building structure: BEST Ingénieurs-conseils, Luxembourg (L)
Landscape architect: GFLplan, Michael Klein, Saarlouis (D)
Lighting design: architecturaLLighting, Luxembourg (L)
Kitchen and bathroom furniture design: NJOY, Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2011–2012
Realisation: 2014–2016
Usable space: 325 m2
Enclosed space: 1.616 m3

Photographer: Lukas Roth, Cologne (D)