The G2 "Karree", Trier-Petrisberg (D)

The G2 "Karree", Trier-Petrisberg (D)

The brief entailed the design of a building for a highly prominent property at the entrance to the new district of Petrisberg. The design was to both reflect the position of the building and offer the widest possible range of apartment layout options. We took the word “Karree” (English: “square”) literally, and developed plans for a building centred around a number of small vegetated inner courtyards. Entrances and internal access routes are located in the courtyards, and create highly differentiated apartment types. Ground-floor units have gardens and face out of both the front and back of the respective building section. Units on upper floors are either small units which only face in one direction or larger units with an open-plan layout which extends from one side of the building to the other. Some of the roof terraces featured by the maisonette apartments on the second and third floors offer a large outdoor space.


Entwicklungsgesellschaft Petrisberg GmbH

Trier, Petrisberg (D)

Type of competition

Markus Musch, Petra Schmitt, Jean-Yves Kempf

Project data
Usable space: 3.760 m2
Enclosed space: 25.200 m3
Construction costs: 8.200.000 €