House S II, Dudelange (L)

House S II, Dudelange (L)

House S II is located on a road with a steep incline. The layout of the building is based on two simple forms: a 13 x 13 m square and a 3.50 x 10.50 m rectangle. The stairway is located in the latter section, and extends all the way up to the roof terrace.

The rectangle extends out of the side of the quadratic cube and at the same height as the latter, thereby allowing light into the distributing section of the building without offering views into the interior of the house.

The main entrance is located on the road on the north side of the building, and is oriented in the same direction as office space. It is characterized by a two-storey incision with air space behind it.


Dudelange (L)

Nicolas Rüst, Patrice Rüter, Manuel Rocas

Planning participants
Building structure: INCA Ingénieurs-conseils associés sàrl, Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2005 - 2006
Realised: 2006 - 2008
Usable space: 410 m2
Enclosed space: 1700 m3


Photos: Lukas Roth, Köln (D)