Wood pellet storage silo, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)

Wood pellet storage silo, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)

The silo serves as a storage facility for the wood pellets used to fuel the cogeneration unit that forms part of the district heat and power plant. The simple structure presents itself as an addition to the district heat and power plant, adopting the plant’s modularity. The structure is clad in sheet metal on all four sides. All apertures (doors, gates, etc.) are hidden behind the perforated sheet metal façade, which consists of 90 x 180 cm modules perforated with uniform horizontal and vertical incisions. During the day, the silo is a black, homogeneous block reminiscent of a charcoal briquette. As darkness falls, a light installation concealed behind the façade makes the building appear to glow.

Luxenergie (L)

Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)

Andreas Kleinert

Planning participants
Building structure: Sogedec, Luxemburg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2015
Realisation: 2016–2017

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Photographer: Lukas Roth, Cologne (D)