Office building B2.03 Cloche d'Or, Luxembourg (L)

Office building B2.03 Cloche d'Or, Luxembourg (L)

The office building is taking shape directly adjacent to building B1_01 in Luxembourg’s new Cloche d’Or district. Its dimensions were stipulated in the development plan. Our design opts to divide the building into three “slices”. The central slice houses stairwells, corridors and all ancillary and plant rooms. The two adjoining slices are used exclusively as office spaces, which are stacked like shelves and arranged according to a grid dimension of 90 cm in order to maximize spatial flexibility. The site is characterized by a height differential of approx. 3.0 m, which results in an “additional” floor on one side of the building. This floor is accessible at ground level, and houses special functions such as the entrance hall and a coffee corner. The respective sections of the façade reflect these special functions.

Grossfeld PAP, Luxemburg

Cloche d’Or (L)


Kathlyn Valadas

Planning participants
Project management: T-Comalux, Howald (L)
Building structure: Au Carré, Luxembourg (L)
Technical building Equipment: Ingetech s.a, Dudelange (L)
Acoustics: Venac Acoustique, Brussels (B)
Certification: PWC, Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2015
Realisation: 2020-2022
Gross floor area: 8.000m2
Enclosed space: 26.700m3


Photographer: Grossfeld PAP
Model: Christine Franck (L)