Transformer station, Lintgen (L)

Transformer station, Lintgen (L)

The cubic structure of the transformer station is to be seen as a modular part of the community centre due to be built next to it. The symmetry of the building comes as a result of the functional requirements of accommodating two identical transformers within it.
0.90 m × 1.80 m shuttering panels are the basic modules which align to form the joint pattern of the monolithic concrete unit.
Apertures required in the unit for the purposes of the networking and ventilation of the transformers are covered using homogenous lamella façades.

Gemeinde Lintgen

Lintgen (L)

Volker Hansen, Jean-Paul Carvalho

Tragwerksplanung: Gehl-Jacoby Ass. Ingénieurs-conseils Luxembourg (L)
Beratung Sichtbeton: Atelier J.-P. Aury, Colonard (F)

Entwurf: 2005
Realisierung: 2006
Nutzfläche: 30 m2
Bruttorauminhalt: 150 m3
Baukosten: 80.000 €

Fotos: Lukas Roth, Köln (D)