Office Building B1.01 Cloche d’Or, Luxembourg (L)

Office Building B1.01 Cloche d’Or, Luxembourg (L)

A new, densely built district with a highly diverse usage mix is taking shape on the southern edge of the city of Luxemburg. This office building stands right on the corner of the two boulevards that are to be created. It consists of various volumes in the form of a 17-storey tower, a parallel 6-storey building and a connecting 4-storey entrance hall that nestles between them. The three volumes stand on a shared foundation which offsets the 3-metre slope of the site. One of the tower’s defining elements is its large “urban window” featuring a patio that can be used for events.

Grossfeld PAP, Luxembourg

Cloche d’Or (L)

Andreas Kleinert, Jean-Yves Kempf

Project Partners
Moreno architecture – design
Stefano Moreno, Yannick Adam, Marion Davini

Planning participants
Project management: Widnell Europe, Brüssel (B)
Building structure: ICB ingénieurs-conseils, Rodange (L)
Technical building Equipment: Betic ingénieurs-conseils, Dippach (L)
Acoustics: Venac Acoustique, Brüssel (B)
Certification: E3-consult, Mertert (L)

Project data
Designed: 2014
Realisation: 2016–2018
Gross floor area: 44.000 m2
Enclosed space: 165.000 m3

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Photographer: Lukas Roth, Cologne (D)