New Central and Regional Library ZLB, Berlin (D)

New Central and Regional Library ZLB, Berlin (D)

The construction of a new Central and Regional Library is a core element of the redevelopment of the former Tempelhof Airport site. The plot in question is located directly adjacent to the southern runway at the point of transition between the Tempelhofer Damm road and neighbouring districts. Our design foresees an open, urban forum in the form of a rectangular building with entrances on all sides. The footprint of its ground floor covers the majority of the plot, with the ground floor and enclosed garden above it serving as a space-defining element that fits the scale of the local area. Upper floors are divided into a “Library” and “Depositories” section. The volume they combine to form is located on the south side of the ensemble and adopts the line of the runway. From an urban planning perspective, the resultant building creates lines of communication running from both east to west (along the runway, between the park and new Stadtplatz) and north to south (between the runway and neighbouring northern district). The positioning of the depositories on the upper floors lends the building a well-defined, independent aesthetic which makes a strong impression on the cityscape.

State Berlin (D)

Berlin, airport Tempelhof (D)

Type of competition
International competition

Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert, Christoph Schulze-Kölln

Planning participants
Landscape architect: Frank Kiessling Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin (D)
Building structure: Inca ingénieurs-conseils associés, Luxembourg (L)
Technical building Equipment: BLS Energieplan GmbH, Berlin (D) / Luxemburg(L)

Project data
Designed: 2013
Usable space: 52.700 m2
Enclosed space: 466.000 m3
Construction costs: 185.500.000 €