Theater Laboratory, Giessen (D), mention

Theater Laboratory, Giessen (D), mention

The central idea of this design was to create not a building, but a shell or frame for the activities of the institute’s theatre studies students. By giving this frame depth, we turn it into a space that is open at its front and rear ends, thus lending it a clear sense of direction. The continuation of the exterior floor level and wall lines into the interior lends the space greater depth and blurs the transition between outside in inside. The interior communicates directly with the exterior. The “toolbox” slotted into the space houses the more introverted theatre laboratory functions in service rooms. The toolbox is integrated in a way that creates a fluid space around it which can be used flexibly and for a variety of purposes.

Région Hesse (D)

Gießen (D)

Type of competition
Concours restreint, mention

Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert,

Project data
Designed: 2013
Surfaces utiles: 1.100 m2
Volume construit: 10.000 m3
Coût de l’objet: 4.100.000 €