Water tower, Ban de Gasperich (L)

Water tower, Ban de Gasperich (L)

The water tower draws on the Greek cross and its four identical extensions. The cross is split into two identically proportioned pieces in order to form twin load-bearing structures – one for each of the two 500 m³ water tanks. The fully glazed space between the two load-bearing structures serves as a user access route and is also used for the routing of technical conduits. The square base of the tower accommodates all ground-level plant rooms. Control units and telecommunications equipment are located in an area beneath the water containers, with two panoramic terraces created at the top of the tower. The use of architectural concrete and a simple yet elegant form lends the structure a rationality which results in a reduction in construction and maintenance costs.

City of Luxembourg

Ban de Gasperich, Luxembourg (L)

Type of competition
International competition

Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert

Planning participants
Building structure: BEST Ingénieurs-conseils (L)

Project data
Designed: 2012
Usable space: 415 m2
Circulation space: 570 m2
Enclosed space: 8.950 m3
Construction costs: 5.000.000 €