Extension of the Kaiserin-Augusta-Schule, Cologne (D)

Extension of the Kaiserin-Augusta-Schule, Cologne (D)

Our extension of the Kaiserin-Augusta-Schule takes the form of a rectangular structure containing all required functions (including a sports hall). The structure opens towards the existing school on one of its sides. Its other three sides represent the boundary between the Kaiserin-Augusta-Schule complex and adjacent public space. The position and design selected for the extension sees us define a staggered spatial boundary between the structure and both Severinstraße and Follerstraße. This creates a variety of “spatial situations”. A public pedestrian access route is incorporated to the south of the extension. The structure is organized into sections of various heights. The aim here is not only to underline the urban significance of its various sides, but also to comply with building separation spaces on what is an extremely cramped site.

City of Cologne (D)

Cologne (D)

Type of competition
International competition

Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert

Project data
Designed: 2012
Usable space: 8.840m2
Enclosed space: 45.990 m3
Construction costs: 20.300.000 €