Service and administration building, Niederprüm (D), 1st prize

Service and administration building, Niederprüm (D), 1st prize

The property enjoys a scenic rural location in open countryside with views to both the north and south. We therefore elected to minimize built and surfaced areas wherever possible. The idea of a “solitaire” surrounded by meadows emerged, with the “solitaire” understood as a building ensemble rather than an individual structure. The two functions performed by the administration building and service building are united by a shared basement, whilst the buildings’ simple structures creating a clear architectural boundary between the ensemble and the green space around it.

Kommunale Netze Eifel AöR

Niederprüm (D)

Type of competition
International competition, 1st Prize

Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert

Planning participants
Landscape architect: Ernst und Partner, Trier (D)

Project data
Designed: 2011
Usable space: 3.100 m2
Enclosed space: 14.650 m3