New construction of a power station control centre for TIWAG, Innsbruck (A)

New construction of a power station control centre for TIWAG, Innsbruck (A)

The addition of structures with varying volumes and the use of a north-south orientation lend the existing power station building an imposing structure. The power station’s concise architecture – a mirror on the period when it was built – underlines this impression. In order to further develop the overall structure of the complex, we positioned both new buildings on the same axis as the main body of the power station. The volume of the control centre adopts the north-south orientation of the power station building, whilst the information point at the head of the complex takes a neutral, quadratic form. The function of both new buildings – the control centre and the information point – is to provide information. The control centre is at the heart of data processing activity at the complex and acts as a control device. The information point provides interested visitors with insights into processes and interconnections at the site, some of which are highly complex. In order to integrate both buildings into the surrounding environment, we propose to create a spatial division by using a wall to separate off existing mounds of material.

TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG

Innsbruck (A)

Type of competition
International competition

Jean-Yves Kempf, Andreas Kleinert

Project data
Designed: 2011
Usable space: 2.150 m2
Enclosed space: 11.150 m3
Construction costs: 6.600.000 €