Social Housing Development, Bettembourg (L)

Social Housing Development, Bettembourg (L)

The basis for the project is a development plan drawn up by us for the site, which is adjacent to the grounds of Bettemburg Castle. An initial phase saw the construction of four buildings comprising a total of 18 residential units for the “Fonds pour le développement du logement et de l’habitat (FDL)”. The two point buildings each house three residential units. The two block buildings each feature six residential units, four of which are maisonettes with private garden or roof terrace. The buildings do not have basement levels, with required technical building equipment (incl. rainwater usage) accommodated in separate “technical blocks”.

Fonds du Logement, Luxembourg

Bettembourg (L)

Diane Heirend, Georges Servais, Philippe Paul Schmit, Thomas Thielen

Planning participants
Building structure: B.E.S.T. ingénieurs-conseils s.à.r.l., Luxembourg (L)
Technical building equipment: Bureau d’etudes Ros Palecek Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Designed: 1990
Realisation: 1995–1997
Usable space: 2.450 m2
Enclosed space: 9.250 m3
Construction costs: 2.000.000 €

Building Owner Award Luxembourg 2000

Photographer: Lukas Roth, Cologne (D)