Villa Blankenheim, Blankenhem (D)

Villa Blankenheim, Blankenhem (D)

“The aim is to transform the entire Villa Blankenheim complex into a place where Roman architecture can be experienced and perceived in contemporary architecture and open space design. The historic remains are neither to be negatively affected by the new development nor shown in their entirety. The original Roman estate was characterized by its sense of axial symmetry, monumental scale and panoramic perspective.”
Our interpretation of the notions of axial symmetry, monumental scale and panoramic perspective saw us develop a 190 m-long axis consisting of steps which form a clear line visible from some distance away. The axis draws the visitor’s eye to the centre of the complex, which is made difficult to comprehend by its sheer scale. The small viewing tower at the end of the axis provides a good view across the entire complex.

Municipality of Blankenheim

Blankenheim (D)

Type of competition

Markus Musch, Jean-Yves Kempf

Planning participants
Landscape architect: BGHplan, Trier (D)

Project data
Designed: 2010
Construction costs: 1.200.000 €