Expansion of the Luxair Cargo Center, Luxembourg (L)

Expansion of the Luxair Cargo Center, Luxembourg (L)

We were commissioned with the new construction of the Luxair Cargo Center at Luxembourg Airport in 1992. The overall concept drawn up foresees the arrangement of halls and office buildings in a “U” shape, with 8 cargo plane stands to be created within this “U”. The Cargo Center’s huge halls and cargo flow requirements are married within an architectural concept. One of the two wings realized at the time has now been extended by 72 m. Though this extension essentially followed the concept applied in the construction of the inventory buildings, the structure of its stairwells have been improved by the use of a fully glazed stairwell façades. Larger rows of skylights provide the new warehouses with more daylight.

Luxair S.A.

Airport Luxembourg

Volker Hansen, Knut Menden

Planning participants
Building structure: Simon & Christiansen ingénieurs-conseils S.A. Capellen (L)
Technical building equipment: Goblet Lavandier & Ass. ingénieurs-conseils S.A. Luxemburg (L)

Project data
Designed: 2005
Realisation: 2006–2007
Usable space: 13.500 m2
Enclosed space: 154.600 m3
Construction costs: 15.650.000 €


Photos: Paul Bretz Architectes