Extension of the Humboldt Grammar School, Cologne (D), mention

Extension of the Humboldt Grammar School, Cologne (D), mention

In order to meet the demands and expectations of the contract awarder, we made it our top priority to develop a school building which is not only highly compact (energy efficient) and simple (aesthetic), but also delivers exceptional spatial quality for day-to-day school operations and fully respects inventory elements. The inner courtyard between the existing school and the new building opens onto the grass strip adjacent to the Kartäuserwall, and is the result of the conscious positioning of the extension on the boundary between the site and the Am Trutzenberg road. Adherence to maximum spacing between the buildings ensures that listed inventory buildings can still be experienced authentically.

City of Cologne

Cologne (D)

Invitation, mention

Andreas Kleinert

Project data
Designed: 2009
Usable space: 4.570 m2
Enclosed space: 20.300 m3
Building costs: 6.240.000 €