Primary school with sports centre, Esch-Nonnewisen (L), 2nd prize

Primary school with sports centre, Esch-Nonnewisen (L), 2nd prize

Our design accommodates the two main elements of the project – the school and the sports centre – in two separate buildings, with a sheltered playground created between them. The playground is accessible via a roofed connecting walkway running along its street side. The line of the single building plinth defines the entire complex. In order to reinforce the relationship between the individual units that make up the complex, both buildings have the same parapet height and are to be constructed in the same architectural concrete material.

City of Esch/Alzette

Esch/Alzette (L)

Type of competition
International competition 2008, 2nd prize

Nicolas Rüst, Lars Jürgens

Project partner
BPA Architecture, Montpellier (F)

Planning participants
Technical building equipment: Betic ingeniéurs-conseils, Garnich (L)

Project data
Designed: 2008
Usable space: 5.450 m2
Enclosed space: 35.735 m3
Construction costs: 14.200.000 €