Pumping station Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen (D), mention

Pumping station Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen (D), mention

The island-like Gelsenkirchen pump station is located in an industrial landscape dominated by technical facilities. The design of open spaces on the site underlines its sensually perceptible artificiality, and creates a connection with the flow of the trees along the Neue Emscher river. Technical units take clear, geometric forms, and are arranged either perpendicular or parallel to the river in a way which supports the dynamics of the trees’ flow. The elongated plant buildings form the spine of the entire complex, whilst their geometry and orientation represent further reiterations of the flow of the trees.



Type of competition
Invitation, mention

Knut Menden, Manuel Rocas

Project data
Designed: 2005
Usable space: 800 m2
Enclosed space: 6.120 m3
Construction costs: 1.591.000 €