Luxair Cargo Center, Luxembourg (L)

Luxair Cargo Center, Luxembourg (L)

The brief for the Cargo Center involved the integration of its huge halls and cargo flow stipulations into an architectural concept. The halls extend directly from the airfield to HGV loading ramps, and are divided into three sections: automated airside cargo distribution and storage area, picking area and HGV loading ramps. Large rows of skylights allow natural light into the halls. Office areas are located above the HGV loading ramps and represent the “face” of the building, which is characterized by 42 m-high stairwells. The overall concept foresees the creation of a U-shaped complex with eight aircraft parking bays. Two wings have been realized thus far.

Luxair S.A.

Airport Luxembourg

Diane Heirend, Georges Servais, Thomas Thielen, James Cumming, Philippe Paul Schmit

Planning participants
Building structure: Simon & Christiansen ingénieurs-conseils S.A. Capellen (L)
Technical building equipment: Goblet Lavandier & Ass. ingénieurs-conseils S.A. Luxembourg (L)

Project data
Design: 1992
Realisation: 1994–1996
Usable space: Offices 13.000 m2 / Halls 47.000 m2
Enclosed space: Offices 47.000 m3 / Halls  376.000 m3
Construction costs: 75.000.000 €

Photographer: Lukas Roth, Cologne (D)