Central Headquarters of the Luxemburg Police Force, Luxembourg (L)

Central Headquarters of the Luxemburg Police Force, Luxembourg (L)

The competition area was located opposite the high plateau of the historic centre of Luxembourg in the district of Verlorenkost. We felt it was important to create a highly expressive and definitive urban planning feature which enters into dialogue with the outlines of the buildings opposite it. We decided to organize the various interdependent functions to be carried out at the new police site into three different sections. The operations centre, central administrative headquarters and high-rise building at the centre of the development were designed to create a further landmark on the city’s skyline. We positioned the prestigious events hall, museum and management offices on the western section of the site, with the police school, documentation centre, canteen, accommodation and sports hall located opposite them on the eastern section of the site.

Ministry for Housing and Planning Luxembourg


Type of competition
Urban competition

Volker Hansen, Manuel Rocas, Christoph Schulze-Kölln, Christina Dixius

Planning participants
Landscape architect: Helmut Ernst, Trier (D)
Collaborators: Stephan Jacobs, Andreas Jessen

Project data
Designed: 2003
Usable space: 82.900 m2
Enclosed space: 237.000 m3
Construction costs: 105.000.000 €