Cultural centre in Lintgen, Lintgen (L), 1.prize

Cultural centre in Lintgen, Lintgen (L), 1.prize

A site between the district administration building and the railway line is to be used for the construction of an arts centre for the citizens of Lintgen. This communal meeting place will feature various usages: Events hall– senior citizens’ club – restaurant – skittles alley – residences
The existing district administration building is to be enclosed by an L-shaped construction accommodating the jewel of the arts centre – its events hall. The hall’s slightly off-axis position, height and materials see it stand out consciously from the rest of the complex in order to draw attention to itself. The red-brown wood used for the hall creates a clear contrast with the architectural concrete of the surrounding buildings.

Cultural centre in Lintgen (L)

Community of Lintgen


Type of competition
Invitation, 1.Prize

Petra Schmitt

Project data
Designed: 2000
Usable space: 1.500 m2
Enclosed space: 11.900 m3
Construction costs: 3.750.000 €