New School and childcare center, Frisange (L), 3. prize
TUFA Trier (D), 1st prize
Komische Oper Berlin (D)
Construction of depot for waste management association in Trier area (A.R.T.)
Office buildings Lot A, Leudelange (L)
Office buildings Lot D, Leudelange (L)
Supermarket “ZIKA”, Mertert (L)
National Archives of Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Esch-Belval (L)
Office building B2.03 Cloche d'Or, Luxembourg (L)
Conversion house G, Luxembourg-Belair (L)
Wood pellet storage silo, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)
House BF, Oberanven (L)
Office Building B1.01 Cloche d’Or, Luxembourg (L)
House WS, Ernster-Niederanven (L)
Bijouterie Huberty, Luxembourg-Centre (L)
Extension of the Museum of Man and Nature to create the Bavarian Museum of Natural History , München (D), 5. prize
TUFA, Trier (D)
New Central and Regional Library ZLB, Berlin (D)
New Information Centre HfWU, Nürtingen (D)
Water tower, Dippach (L)
Depository and Research Centre of the Tyrolean State Museums , Hall (A), mention
Theater Laboratory, Giessen (D), mention
Children’s day-care centre, Trier-Filsch(D)
Water tower, Ban de Gasperich (L)
Sportcenter Belval, Belvaux (L), 2nd prize
Extension of the Kaiserin-Augusta-Schule, Cologne (D)
Construction of new depositories and workshops for the State Office for the Preservation of Historic Monuments and Schwerin’s state museums, Schwerin (D)
Justus Liebig University, Construction of a new teaching building for law and economics, Giessen (D)
House L, Schuttrange (L)
Homeless accommodation, Esch/Alzette (L)
Service and administration building, Niederprüm (D), 1st prize
New construction of a power station control centre for TIWAG, Innsbruck (A)
House FS, Dudelange (L)
New construction of a historical archive and art and museum library, Cologne (D), mention
New construction of the “dc-r” documentation and exhibition centre, Ramstein, 2nd prize
New construction of a cafeteria and conference building at AKNZ, Ahrweiler (D)
New construction of a joint library for Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and the University of Osnabrück , Osnabrück (D)
New construction of the Kleist Museum, Frankfurt-Oder (D)
New construction of the Stefan Andres Grammar School, Schweich (D), mention
Villa Blankenheim, Blankenhem (D)
Conversion and expansion of the Coburg II State Middle School, Coburg (D), mention
New construction of Karlsruhe Main Fire Station and Control Centre, including urban planning concept, 2nd prize
The G2 "Karree", Trier-Petrisberg (D)
Extension of the Humboldt Grammar School, Cologne (D), mention
Multi-storey residential building and four terraced houses, Bridel (L)
Urban development “Schmelz“, Dudelange (L)
Multi-storey residential development Quartier Grünewald II, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)
Primary school with sports centre, Esch-Nonnewisen (L), 2nd prize
Office Building, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)
Centre National de l’Audiovisuel et Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange (CNA / CCRD)
Expansion of the Luxair Cargo Center, Luxembourg (L)
Transformer station, Lintgen (L)
Radar Tower, Luxembourg (L)
Social Housing Development with Children’s Day-Care Centre “Maison Pierre”, Rodange (L)
House S II, Dudelange (L)
Multi-storey residential development in Quartier Grünewald I, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)
Archives of the department of Gard, House of Cultural Heritage, Nimes (F), 2nd prize
Pumping station Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen (D), mention
Architectural Association Luxembourg, Luxembourg (L)
House F, Rameldange (L)
Repository building for Berlin State Library, including the headquarters of the image archive of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Berlin (D), mention
Central Headquarters of the Luxemburg Police Force, Luxembourg (L)
New Luxembourg National Archives, Esch-Belval (L), 1. prize
Combined Heat & Power Unit (CHP), Office Building, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)
Cultural centre in Lintgen, Lintgen (L), 1.prize
Youth hostel Echternach, Echternach (L)
Conversion and Expansion of the Offices of PKF, Esch/Alzette (L)
Social Housing Development, Bettembourg (L)
Luxair Cargo Center, Luxembourg (L)
Primary school, Roodt/Syre (L)
Digital Technical Facility, Betzdorf
House Z, Dudelange (L)
House S I, Peppange (L)
House K, Trierweiler-Sirzenich (D)