Competition 2012: Construction of new depositories and workshops for the State Office for the Preservation of Historic Monuments and Schwerin’s state museums (D)

We elected to reformulate the large scale of the former artillery barracks by first positioning a long workshop building on the upper plateau and directly adjacent to the boundary defined for the competition area. This sees us create a new spatial boundary for the former parade ground, which is of a size that requires the use of a substantial structural volume if an effect is to be achieved within the urban context. The building is one of the largest structures in the district, and consciously presents itself to surrounding public space.

Adopting the topography of the site, the depositories stand slightly away from the workshops on the middle plateau. They take the form of “building blocks” which can be connected where required. The overall complex is therefore characterized by clearly defined front and rear sides, with the spatial separation of the workshops and depositories used to ensure that the structural mass is well organized.