Competition 2010: New construction of Karlsruhe Main Fire Station and Control Centre, including urban planning concept, 2.Prize

The aim of the overall urban planning concept was to create a prominent structure at the crossover point between two important parks (the Stadtpark and the Ostauepark). The structure was to primarily feature office space and special-use space (in its north-western section), and was to be suitable for use as the new main fire station and control centre. Using the pre-defined site for the main fire station and control centre, we developed a long block which faces the Wolfratsweiererstrasse. The housing of fire service vehicles behind glazed doors not only creates a type of display case for them, but also clearly identifies the function of the building. The hose tower marks the new entrance to the town, and is also perceived in this way from the perspective of the intercity express rail route. The area to the rear of the building features two yard areas intended for different uses.