Competition 2011: New construction of the “dc-r” documentation and exhibition centre in Ramstein (D), 2nd prize

From an urban planning perspective, development within the direct vicinity of the site is characterized by highly heterogeneous, in some cases low-density development from a variety of eras.

As an element of this environment, the documentation centre represents a self-contained, introverted and extremely reserved structure which opens onto the junction of Ottostrasse with Spesbacher Strasse via a small courtyard.

Though the building is somewhat cut off from adjacent public space, it nevertheless generates a certain level of attention and curiosity due to its independent character. The use of opaque glass for the raised section of the exhibition space not only leads to an optical reduction in the building volume, but also gives the documentation centre an unmistakable, beacon-like element. This is especially true when the glass section “shines” after dusk.