Competition 2011: New construction of a cafeteria and conference building at AKNZ Ahrweiler (D)

The look of and impression made by the building are designed to not only clearly differentiate it from the existing building inventory, but also make it stand out as a representative element of the campus.

Making use of its topography, we elected to enclose the entire plot with a retaining wall and position a lightweight, pavilion-type building on top of it.

As a result of its U-shaped structure, three sides of the pavilion face onto the landscape of the Ahrtal valley. The pavilion is defined by various “layers” which become more transparent and open from south to north. The south side is primarily closed off and forms the rear of the building. All rooms separated from the foyer by sliding elements are positioned along the spine of the building. The foyer itself is fully glazed and therefore opens onto the adjacent landscape.